Woman Finds Dead Husband Using ‘Find My iPhone’ App


Apple’s iPhone has a lot of great features and apps. One of them is the ‘Find My iPhone’ App, which has helped thousands of people locate their lost or stolen devices across the nation. Countless times, the app has been integral in locating runaway teens, carjacked moms, and men who have gone missing—for one reason or another. Such was the case for one woman whose husband disappeared a few months ago in Texas.

One day, when twenty-three-year-old Ramiro Acosta didn’t return home, his wife Carla Melendez became worried. He had a habit of always being on time and would call if he was going to be late, but that night she hadn’t seen or heard from him. Not sure what to do, she turned to Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ App and tried to locate him. What she found confused her at first. The app showed a pulsing dot in a location where Acosta should not have been. The map image put the phone in a heavily wooded area.

According to Melendez, “[The app] showed trees and it was weird, because why would his phone be by trees? And it was there for a while.”

Unsure of what to do next, Ms. Melendez decided to get in her car and go investigate. A half hour later, she arrived at Turkey Drive, just off of Aldine Westfield Road in North Harris County, not far from the Lone Star College campus. She scoured the tree-lined area and made a shocking discovery: her husband’s phone was there with him lying dead next to it on the road, a gunshot wound in his torso.


Police were called to the scene and an investigation was launched. Ms. Melendez pleaded to the public for help, “If somebody saw something please say something. He didn’t deserve to be thrown like this, like a dog in the street.”

Investigators weren’t sure how long the Acosta had been lying there until they tracked down Tristain J. Porter, a friend of the victim. What they found out was shocking, but not altogether surprising.

As it turned out, Acosta had a history of gang involvement in the past. Police first thought it might have been an act of revenge or retaliation for prior events, but Melendez insisted that her beloved had changed his ways. But as Porter spilled the truth from his lips, it appeared that Melendez’s beliefs had been wrong.

According to Porter, he and Acosta had travelled to the area to rob a drug dealer, but things went south and a scuffle ensued. Porter’s gun had gone off—striking Acosta and killing him dead. Not knowing what to do when the smoke cleared, Porter bolted, leaving his friend to bleed out on the side of the road.

Some would say this was a tragic end to the case, but tragedy implies that it was out of one’s hands and that the victims were innocent. The truth is that if you’re going to go rob a drug dealer, then you’re pretty much bringing trouble upon yourself. Thankfully, the violence ended with Melendez’s husband and didn’t continue over to her—as was the case with one young man from Canada who tracked his phone to the thieves who stole it … and who then killed him when he approached.

While the ‘Find My iPhone’ App has helped many people, it’s not always wise to take matters into your own hands. You can also find you phone by using GPS tracking with a iPhone spy app free. Sometimes you just have to let it go. That’s why you should enable the app’s kill switch mechanism ahead of time and use it when a theft occurs.

Hey, if you can’t have your phone then why should they?