Easy Ways to Get More from Your iPad Battery

increase battery life.jpg

Since people use iPads quite often (daily for many) the battery life and how to maintain it becomes an issue.  While the battery can hold a charge for about 10 hours or so, there are actions you can do to improve its energy capacity.  Even doing simple actions such as checking email and watching videos has an effect on battery life. The following points offer easy ways to get more out of your iPad battery.
Turn off device GPS feature. The GPS feature on many mobile devices is always running unless you turn it off. A remote cell phone spy app can be used to track your phone via GPS. In many cases it is not necessary to have this feature on continuously.  You can turn it off to preserve the battery.  Many consumers use their iPhone for mapping or location needs any way.

Turn off notification feature if you don’t have a need for it. It is helpful to be notified of certain actions occurring on the device, but users don’t realize this feature can use up battery power.  The device uses power when pushing notifications to the main screen so the user can detect them.  Aside from turning them off through device settings, many apps also give users the option to turn off that specific notification. This can save on power as well by reducing the number of notifications occurring throughout the day.
Reduce how often you check your device for mail messages. Fetching mail often takes energy from the battery, especially if you keep checking every few minutes. Try to go a longer period of time before checking your device.  Going at least 30 to 45 minutes before checking your device can make a difference in retaining more battery power.

  • Turn off Bluetooth feature. If you don’t use this feature or have a Bluetooth device (which many people don’t), you can turn this feature off.  There is no point in having it on if you don’t use it. To do this, go in iPad settings under the general section.  Find Bluetooth on the list and select it to turn it off.
  • Change device brightness. The brightness of the device can drain the battery, especially if you are using the device for an extended period of time.  Having a very bright screen only makes the device work harder and ultimately drains energy from the battery.  Turning down the brightness can help save some energy.  You can consider changing its brightness when doing certain activities that don’t require the extra light.
  • Background refresh feature doesn’t have to be to on all the time.  This feature can drain the battery when connected to other apps like Facebook.  It depends on how much you rely on this feature but you can use apps without it.  You can simply open an app and hit refresh to give you most recent information instead of having it done automatically.
  • When having access to Wi-Fi turn of 4G (when battery is low). If you have Wi-Fi access at home using your 4G connection isn’t necessary, but it can help preserve battery life.  When you are out in public and you don’t want to access a public Wi-Fi connection your 4G connection is suitable.
  • Find apps eating away battery power. Check iPad settings and go to your list of apps. You can check battery power by going to settings and learning which apps use the most energy.  This gives an idea of which apps are always running and which you may want to turn off or remove.
  • Keep operating system up to date. An updated iOS ensures other features are working properly. This ensures updates are received for necessary security reasons.