Hospital Pays Hackers’ Ransom Demands

It may seem like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but a hospital in Los Angeles gave in to the demands of a group of hackers who held their entire computer network system hostage.

The victim of a growing threat known as “ransomware,” Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center agreed to pay hackers who laid siege to their facility the cyber sum of 40 Bitcoins—which equals about $17,000 in actual currency. Bitcoins are becoming the preferred way for hackers to collect ransom because the online currency is difficult to trace.

The decision to give in to the cyber terrorists came from Allen Stefanek, the care-facility’s CEO, who said, “The quickest and most efficient way to restore our systems and administrative functions was to pay the ransom and obtain the decryption key…. In the best interest of restoring normal operations, we did this.”

Stefanek went on to say that patient care was not affected by the attack nor was there any evidence of a patient’s data being compromised.

This is not the first time something like that has happened to a company, but it is an uncommon show of transparency, especially for a hospital—many of which are known for keeping internal troubles secret from the public.

According to cyber security firms across the globe, the hacking tactic against both individuals and institutions is growing fast—however, how fast, is a difficult thing to determine. With so many feeling pressured or embarrassed by their security weaknesses, not every crime is reported, so no one can really know how many others have actually given in to ransom demands.

Adam Kujawa, Head of Malware Intelligence for Malwarebytes—which recently released its own anti-ransomware software—said that “Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t tell anybody if they had fallen victim to ransomware and especially if they have paid the criminals.” The head of the San Jose-based company went on to say that, “I know from the experiences I hear about from various industry professionals that it’s a pretty common practice to just hand over the cash.”

As with regular, “good ol’ fashioned terrorism”—where negotiators and heads of state say “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”—cyber security experts recommend that companies take the same stance. But sometimes, there are special circumstances. The case with Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center seems to be just that. After all, hundreds to thousands of lives could literally be at stake. Details are limited, but the ransomeware attack is being investigated by the FBI.

Hack attacks are really on the rise. According to a 2014 report by antivirus maker, Symantec, the number of attacks in 2013 rose each month from 100,000 in January to 600,000 in December. And that number is expected to rise even more according to a report from Intel Corp’s McAfee Labs.

As to who was behind the attack on Hollywood Presbyterian is anyone’s guess at the moment. Neither law enforcement nor the care facility have released any specifics about the case or who might be involved.

Most Dangerous Programs for Kids You Could Find Using the Very Best Mobile Spyware

Many parents now consider that installing the greatest phone spy software for Android on their children’s smartphone is an enormous requirement. That is because now, the bad guys are not only at the bus stop anymore. Many sexual predators are simply looking forward to an opportunity to feed on kids, and they do this internet. Exposure to sexually improper pictures as well as videos, and cyber bullying are added issues for parents.

There are a large number of mobile programs to be found online, and kids are free to download them all. So which ones are your children downloading? Parents should know about the dangerous programs that online predators may use to assault their young sufferers. As a result of the very best phone spyware like Highster Mobile, now you can track what programs are being downloaded and installed in your kid’s smartphone.


Here are a few of the very dangerous programs you should never permit your kids to use:

Whisper – Using this program, kids can post secrets online without disclosing their identity. In addition, it enables users to chat with other users that are in the exact same geographic area.

Risk: It is never safe to let kids communicate with strangers online. This program could be utilized by sick-minded strangers who need to get in touch with innocent kids.

YikYak – Users of the program can post comments anonymously. The opinions they post may be obtained by up to 500 individuals within a 5 mile radius. In accordance with shrinks, this program is extremely dangerous as it can create chat rooms in which every member can post remarks in anonymity.

Risk: This program is now used by many pupils to maliciously slander teachers, other pupils, and sometimes even school staff.

Kik – This really is an program-established texting service which lets users send images and texts without them being recorded or logged in the phone history. This program functions much like WhatsApp and Viber.

Risk: This program makes it so much easier for kids to individuals online without your knowledge since they do not need to use SMS to send messages. In addition , this is a great instrument for sexting.

Snapchat – This program empowers users to get a video or an image, which is often created accessible to receivers but just for a brief period of time. When the time limit is up, the image or video will automatically vanish forever.

Risk: This really is a great instrument for kids to swap sexually improper pictures or videos. This program makes it simple for young individuals to participate in sexting.

The great thing about Highster Mobile text spy is that it lets you see and get all of the programs installed in your kid’s phone. Therefore, no texts, pictures or videos will soon be concealed from you. This is such a strong instrument you’ll be able to utilize to ensure that your kid isn’t getting himself in trouble online.

Highster Mobile Spy Program: The Outstanding Application

Spy Text technology dates as far back as the cold war and even additional. History is riddled with innumerable records of the human race fiddling with all manner of apparatus in efforts to assemble intelligence covertly. Narratives of corporate espionage have been told and retold, with hit films raking in billions of dollars with such narratives.

The reality in present day is the fact that many are the times when there’s demand to get info from others seamlessly and remotely. With the increased proliferation of cellular communicating apparatus, lots of applications have been developed with ability to obtain info from mobile phones with or without the users knowledge.

The beauty of it’s that you do not have to register to the services of James Bond to collect such information. Highster Mobile spy app is an innovative applications designed to do only that. With just a couple of clicks for the setup, advice from a target mobile apparatus including text messages and details of online action become immediately accessible to the user.

The way that it Works

The program has ability to extract info from the apparatus in which it’s been installed and remotely relay it to the curious individual’s android phone or tablet PC. Info like texts, contacts, e-mails, posts on social networking and other tips become immediately accessible to users of Highster Mobile spy programs.


With Highster Mobile spying programs, users are treated to elaborate attributes like:

GPS Tracking which uses the ability of Global Positioning system to pinpoint location of the target device. This could prove useful for modern business executive keeping track of their workers, monitoring a stolen mobile phone or simply a concern parent looking after the location of their kid.

Text Messages

Contents of the text messages sent to the target apparatus are accessible to the individual using Highster Mobile Spy, including details of the associated phone numbers, times and dates.

Also, with Highster Mobile Spy, e-mails received by the target device, sending email addresses etc are accessible in the user’s fingertips

Call Record

Is someone you care about being harassed over the phone? Perhaps you’ve learned enough of the long hours your teen is spending on the phone at ungodly hours (You most likely need to take a rain check on that one – what you do not understand will not kill you).

Well, whatever your needs are, Highster Mobile enables you to easily record and save voice dialogs to be used when needed.


Social Media

It’s arguably among the best innovations of our time. Many a parent would be forgiven for wanting to locate which mischief their kids may be participating on social networking or simply a desire to make certain their security. What exactly are they posting on facebook or twitter?

Highster Mobile Spy would be the top option for such parents as it allows for real time monitoring of the actions on social networking.

The added great characteristics of the program are its remote camera that could shoot photographs as required. Also it allows for the user to obtain contact information in like phone numbers, email addresses within the target apparatus.


The advantage of obtaining information remotely from another apparatus needs to be tantalizing enough. But, the icing on the cake contains a great customer support to deal with any queries consumers may have about Highster Mobile Spy.

Additionally, the program is accessible to consumers at an extremely reasonable cost of just $69.99. With its ease of use that entails only a simple clicks, Highster Mobile Spy serves the intended function at minimal price. In this respect it carries the day as among the finest mobile spying applications available out there.

Can Spy Texts Help You Understand Unproductive Workers?

Companies are one of the most common users of spyware for cell phones without objective phone, and there are valid reasons why they’re doing this type of monitoring. Essentially, they would like to ensure every paid worker is doing their job efficiently and according to business standards.

Unproductive workers can have unwanted effects in other workers’ efficiency, productivity, and morale. These workers barely get things done punctually, they frustrate other team members, and they only can not bring anything to the firm’s bottom line. And when you, as a supervisor, let your worker get away with being idle, your other workers may wind up doing the same.

Obviously, you can use the best cell phone spyware without objective phone to track who among your workers are wasting time on the job and you also need to even know about these indications your workers are being unproductive at work:

Jobs take overly much time to end.

As a supervisor, you need to have a notion about the length of time it usually takes for a job to be finished. An unproductive worker WOn’t have the ability to finish an assigned task within the time frame. That is because instead of studying, consulting, or preparing the job, this worker spends lots of time utilizing the web either seeing YouTube videos or chatting with buddies online. Obviously, there are times when a job would take more time to complete, but in case your worker habitually submits reports late, then he’s definitely a time-waster.
worker productivity.jpg

Finished jobs constantly have to be revised or redone.

One more thing that unproductive workers generally do is submit jobs which are not of the best quality. The reason behind this is they do not need to trouble spending more time, effort and energy on doing the job. In addition they do not mind being requested to revise their work because it’ll make them appear active although the truth is that they are not.

They give you too many reasons.

Unproductive workers constantly think of different reasons for why they’re not able to do what they are presumed to do. Should you call their focus after you see they are usually not at their desks during work hours, they’ll probably give you so many reasons why they aren’t there. In instances in this way, you should assess the reports you’ll be able to get from Highster Mobile. This applications lets you spy texts, read e-mails, test web browsing history, and even monitor their place.

All the info you may get from spyware for cell phones without objective may be properly used as evidence of your workers’ unproductivity. With this specific evidence, your idle worker is not going to have any explanation for their inefficiency and laziness on the job.

Why Hands-Free Devices Are Overrated

Hands-free devices are overrated. There, I said it. And yet people have been insisting on using the dumb things for years. Ever since Bluetooth became a household name, people have been strapping on an earpiece and yapping to their buddies without having to handle a cellphone. Sure, hands-free devices have their uses. I’m not trying to say they’re all bad. But you may want to keep in mind that you don’t look nearly as cool as you think you do.

Guys, They’re Not Safe

People like to use hands-free devices as a handy (I’m not apologizing for the pun) way to talk on the phone while driving. It all sounds convenient on paper, doesn’t it? You’re not manhandling a device when you should have both hands on the steering wheel and both eyes are on the road. Well, unfortunately, hands-free devices aren’t any safer than actually using a cellphone. In fact, studies from as far back as 2013 (and earlier) have shown that hands-free devices are actually more distracting than messing with a cellphone, adjusting the dials on the radio, eating, or dealing with your kids sitting in the back of the car. This even applies to those voice activated navigation systems in cars.
When you’re trying to call someone or you’re ordering your car radio to change its station, you can lose up to 27 seconds of focus, which is enough time for your car (if it’s going at approximately 25mph) to travel the length of three football fields. Since you’re not focusing fully while you’re using these devices, you have a lot of potential to lose track of what you’re doing on the road, which offers even more potential for road related disasters. Much as you might like to think otherwise, people aren’t very good at multitasking. You can’t do it all. Do yourself a favor and leave the headset at home.

The Connection

Let’s be fair. Wireless connections have their charms. No one likes to deal with ugly wires. Part of the appeal behind a hands-free device has everything to do with the name. If you didn’t have to grope at your iPhone, wouldn’t that make phone calls easier?

hands free.jpg
When you start having connection problems, you have to admit that it makes using your hands-free device a little less fun and convenient than you were probably hoping for. Wireless devices are notorious for randomly dropping connections or having problems with interference. Let’s face it. Smashing your phone against your face at least means you’re spending less time trying to recalibrate your headset’s connection.

You Look Like a Dork

We all joked about it when hands-free devices first hit the market. When you saw a guy making a phone call on his Bluetooth headset, we mocked him for looking like he was talking to himself. A few years have passed since hands-free devices really took off. But let’s be perfectly honest here.

You still look like a dork.

Now, now. We’re not trying to mock you but it’s time that we finally came out with it. No matter how convenient you think it is or how technologically savvy you feel strapping your set on, it really doesn’t make you look any cooler.

Try talking to Siri out in public. No, really. Go do it right now. Did you notice people staring at you? Did you feel like an idiot? When you’re randomly shouting at something, whether it’s into your Bluetooth or at your phone, not only do you sound loud and obnoxious but you still look like you’re basically talking to yourself. And no one wants to ride the subway, order coffee, or even sit 10 yards near someone doing that.
You don’t have to give up your Bluetooth yet. But maybe consider that you’re not as cool as you think you are when you’re using it.

What you can do hands free? Install remote spying software.

Woman Finds Dead Husband Using ‘Find My iPhone’ App

Apple’s iPhone has a lot of great features and apps. One of them is the ‘Find My iPhone’ App, which has helped thousands of people locate their lost or stolen devices across the nation. Countless times, the app has been integral in locating runaway teens, carjacked moms, and men who have gone missing—for one reason or another. Such was the case for one woman whose husband disappeared a few months ago in Texas.

One day, when twenty-three-year-old Ramiro Acosta didn’t return home, his wife Carla Melendez became worried. He had a habit of always being on time and would call if he was going to be late, but that night she hadn’t seen or heard from him. Not sure what to do, she turned to Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ App and tried to locate him. What she found confused her at first. The app showed a pulsing dot in a location where Acosta should not have been. The map image put the phone in a heavily wooded area.

According to Melendez, “[The app] showed trees and it was weird, because why would his phone be by trees? And it was there for a while.”

Unsure of what to do next, Ms. Melendez decided to get in her car and go investigate. A half hour later, she arrived at Turkey Drive, just off of Aldine Westfield Road in North Harris County, not far from the Lone Star College campus. She scoured the tree-lined area and made a shocking discovery: her husband’s phone was there with him lying dead next to it on the road, a gunshot wound in his torso.


Police were called to the scene and an investigation was launched. Ms. Melendez pleaded to the public for help, “If somebody saw something please say something. He didn’t deserve to be thrown like this, like a dog in the street.”

Investigators weren’t sure how long the Acosta had been lying there until they tracked down Tristain J. Porter, a friend of the victim. What they found out was shocking, but not altogether surprising.

As it turned out, Acosta had a history of gang involvement in the past. Police first thought it might have been an act of revenge or retaliation for prior events, but Melendez insisted that her beloved had changed his ways. But as Porter spilled the truth from his lips, it appeared that Melendez’s beliefs had been wrong.

According to Porter, he and Acosta had travelled to the area to rob a drug dealer, but things went south and a scuffle ensued. Porter’s gun had gone off—striking Acosta and killing him dead. Not knowing what to do when the smoke cleared, Porter bolted, leaving his friend to bleed out on the side of the road.

Some would say this was a tragic end to the case, but tragedy implies that it was out of one’s hands and that the victims were innocent. The truth is that if you’re going to go rob a drug dealer, then you’re pretty much bringing trouble upon yourself. Thankfully, the violence ended with Melendez’s husband and didn’t continue over to her—as was the case with one young man from Canada who tracked his phone to the thieves who stole it … and who then killed him when he approached.

While the ‘Find My iPhone’ App has helped many people, it’s not always wise to take matters into your own hands. You can also find you phone by using GPS tracking with a iPhone spy app free. Sometimes you just have to let it go. That’s why you should enable the app’s kill switch mechanism ahead of time and use it when a theft occurs.

Hey, if you can’t have your phone then why should they?

Easy Ways to Get More from Your iPad Battery

Since people use iPads quite often (daily for many) the battery life and how to maintain it becomes an issue.  While the battery can hold a charge for about 10 hours or so, there are actions you can do to improve its energy capacity.  Even doing simple actions such as checking email and watching videos has an effect on battery life. The following points offer easy ways to get more out of your iPad battery.
Turn off device GPS feature. The GPS feature on many mobile devices is always running unless you turn it off. A remote cell phone spy app can be used to track your phone via GPS. In many cases it is not necessary to have this feature on continuously.  You can turn it off to preserve the battery.  Many consumers use their iPhone for mapping or location needs any way.

Turn off notification feature if you don’t have a need for it. It is helpful to be notified of certain actions occurring on the device, but users don’t realize this feature can use up battery power.  The device uses power when pushing notifications to the main screen so the user can detect them.  Aside from turning them off through device settings, many apps also give users the option to turn off that specific notification. This can save on power as well by reducing the number of notifications occurring throughout the day.
Reduce how often you check your device for mail messages. Fetching mail often takes energy from the battery, especially if you keep checking every few minutes. Try to go a longer period of time before checking your device.  Going at least 30 to 45 minutes before checking your device can make a difference in retaining more battery power.

  • Turn off Bluetooth feature. If you don’t use this feature or have a Bluetooth device (which many people don’t), you can turn this feature off.  There is no point in having it on if you don’t use it. To do this, go in iPad settings under the general section.  Find Bluetooth on the list and select it to turn it off.
  • Change device brightness. The brightness of the device can drain the battery, especially if you are using the device for an extended period of time.  Having a very bright screen only makes the device work harder and ultimately drains energy from the battery.  Turning down the brightness can help save some energy.  You can consider changing its brightness when doing certain activities that don’t require the extra light.
  • Background refresh feature doesn’t have to be to on all the time.  This feature can drain the battery when connected to other apps like Facebook.  It depends on how much you rely on this feature but you can use apps without it.  You can simply open an app and hit refresh to give you most recent information instead of having it done automatically.
  • When having access to Wi-Fi turn of 4G (when battery is low). If you have Wi-Fi access at home using your 4G connection isn’t necessary, but it can help preserve battery life.  When you are out in public and you don’t want to access a public Wi-Fi connection your 4G connection is suitable.
  • Find apps eating away battery power. Check iPad settings and go to your list of apps. You can check battery power by going to settings and learning which apps use the most energy.  This gives an idea of which apps are always running and which you may want to turn off or remove.
  • Keep operating system up to date. An updated iOS ensures other features are working properly. This ensures updates are received for necessary security reasons.

Top Android Programs To Select From

androidOne of the best reasons for OS is its source nature that is open. It merely permits its people to enjoy a plethora of amazing Android programs, the majority of that are not blame deploy and to get. Aside from the several free cell phone spy software without installation, you’ll find so many others you must have on your own Android phone.

You can find numerous Facebook apps available on Android, plus one of the very fantastic is Seesmic. This application gives assistance for numerous or multiple accounts. In addition it comes with a homepage gadget that reveals the newest tweets, along with a smooth and qualified layout you will undoubtedly appreciate.

Facebook on Android
While this software isn’t not as unimpressive as Facebook itself, a current Android application upgrade has made available the Inbox Support. This app makes it easy for users to communicate instantly. It is quickly firm, and extremely easy to use.

Rail Enquiries
If you always desire to examine live practice moments and get notifications about setbacks this free Android application is quite useful especially.

Microsoft has ultimately produced the official software for Android. This application supplies push notification support and a genuine simple software. Additionally, it enables you to manage Hotmail accounts that are many utilizing the app.

Google Sky Chart
You’ll certainly enjoy this new software should you enjoy astronomy. It lets you have a clear representation of the planets in your screen. You just must place your phone at the atmosphere so you may see what constellations are noticeable. It is also feasible to-use this application if you are indoors.

This Android software is indeed easy to use. It includes one click check-ins and integral maps for efficiency that is better.

WordPress for Android
This can be a software that is amazing that every blogger must have. It is sold with the newest WordPress variation to help you not spin discontent and submit it.

This can be an excellent media player that iTunes syncing and allows for Mac. It enables

That is an application once you become accustomed to it, that you will appreciate. Many people have in on their Android devices due to the fact it is much simpler to make use of than regular keyboards.

Auto Forward Mobile Spyware
In case you are buying method to check your child’s or spouse’s cellular phone, you certainly can do so using this potent portable tracking software. Auto Forward is a very easy-to-use software and will let you learn how to spy on cell phone without use of phone in an immediate. It provides you entry to the goal SMS wood, web browsing background, and also a locator.